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Thank you for choosing Massage Heaven.  We offer a variety of massage in Tampa. We are a professional massage therapy business spot. We have some licensed massage therapists with years and a lot of experience to provide high-quality and professional massage and services. They are a team of skilled, friendly, compassionate, patient massage therapists. 

Before you book an appointment, we will let you know some information about us :

1. How long is our 60 minutes massage?

Our 60 minutes is not 50 minutes massage. It is full 60 minutes. From the massage therapist’s hand on your body to the end is 60 minutes procedure. The time customers spend getting undressed and dressed doesn’t count Inside. Franchise massage establishments that say a 60-minute massage but only provide 50 minutes hands-on massage. We are a total of 60 minutes exactly. 

2. What cost about the hot stone, essential oils, and lotions? 

 We are FREE to add hot stones, essential oils, and lotions to any massage sessions. 

We do not charge any extra money for these services. So it is an affordable price for you. 

Welcome you for a massage. Now it is ready to book an appointment. 

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